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While the classroom will likely be the primary source of instruction, intellectual, social and academic growth should extend outside the walls of the classroom to really enhance a child’s desire and ability to learn. At St. Agnes, we believe that every child is a powerhouse of potential. To groom them into vibrant personalities, all-round development is a must. We, at our school, regularly organize special interactive and research classes where children speak their mind to release their fear of public speaking. It helps them gain confidence and at the same time, also aids them in improving their communication skills. Regular sports activities are conducted to keep the little ones engaged as well as fit. We believe that the schooling years are the best time to introduce these skills to children as this is the phase when the mind absorbs the most. At St. Agnes, we foster an environment that helps develop the tender minds into impactful personalities by nurturing them with love, care, and strategic training.


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